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Blossom & Bright's Balance & Bliss Blend


Immerse yourself in a moment of self-care with our Balance & Bliss 10 ml Roll-on or 4 oz Spritzer, delicately curated to bring comfort and serenity to the challenges of PMS, PMDD, peri-menopause, and menopause.


Named "Balance & Bliss," this blend of exquisite essential oils beckons you to embrace the harmonious essence of well-being during these transformative phases.


Dive into the exclusive world of Blossom & Bright, where our essential oil blends are a harmonious fusion of clean, therapeutic essential oils. Hand-poured and made to order, each blend is meticulously crafted under the expert guidance of a clinical aromatherapist with decades of mastery. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic essence of our carefully selected ingredients, and feel the Blossom & Bright touch – a dedicated commitment to your well-being, one drop at a time.


Nurturing Ingredients:

Balance & Bliss Roll-on: 100% pure tested essential oils pre-diluted to 10% with fractionated coconut oil. Contains clary sage, geranium, palmarosa, roman chamomile, rose, and sandalwood.


Balance & Bliss Spritzer: 100% pure tested essential oils with filtered water. Contains clary sage, geranium, palmarosa, roman chamomile, rose, and sandalwood.


Clary Sage: Whispers relief for menstrual cramps, muscle tension, and the delicate dance of balance.


Geranium: Offers a comforting touch for muscle aches, circulation, and the harmonizing of emotions.


Palmarosa: Uplifts with a gentle breeze, addressing fatigue, irritability, and the soothing of stress.


Roman Chamomile: Eases muscle aches, menstrual cramps, and emotional tension, enveloping you in a soothing embrace.


Rose: Unfolds petals of calm for menstrual discomfort, emotional imbalances, and the tranquility of stress.


Sandalwood: Grounds you in serenity, calming menstrual discomfort, muscle tension, and the gentle embrace of balance.


How to Use: Apply the Balance & Bliss Blend across your skin—chest, torso, neck, temples, and shoulders—inviting tranquility. For an extra touch of calm, cup your hands over your nose, inhaling the soothing aroma.



Dear Blossom & Bright Community,


I'm excited to share a little secret that has been a game-changer for me during those challenging PMS & PMDD days, and I couldn't wait to pass it on to you! Our "Balance & Bliss" Female Harmony Roll-on has become my go-to source of relief, offering comfort when I need it the most.


Navigating the ups and downs of PMS & PMDD can be a monthly journey, and I wanted to create something that brings genuine relief. I personally apply this blend on my lower abs, lower back, and the back of my neck, and let me tell you, it's like a soothing hug for my body and soul.


"Balance & Bliss" isn't just a blend; it's a companion on the path to well-being. I invite you to embrace the soothing power of this roll-on and discover the serenity it can bring to your own moments of discomfort. Because, let's face it, we all deserve a little extra TLC during those challenging times.


Here's to finding balance and bliss in every cycle of life!


Love Always,


Cee Cee, Owner, Blossom & Bright

Balance & Bliss Essential Oil Blend Roll-On/Spray

  • Our Commitment to Your Health & Safety

    At Blossom & Bright, your well-being is our top priority. To uphold the highest standards of health and safety, we are unable to accept returns on our products. This policy ensures that every item you receive is brand new, untouched, and created with the utmost care.

    We understand the intimate nature of our products, especially those related to health and self-care. By adhering to a no-returns policy, we assure you that each item is crafted and handled with precision, meeting the stringent guidelines that prioritize your health and safety.

    If you have any concerns or questions about your purchase, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team. We're here to ensure your satisfaction and address any inquiries you may have.

    Thank you for being a valued part of the Blossom & Bright community.

    Love Always,

    Blossom & Bright


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