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Upclose, lush, beautiful white flowers with cream tones.
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Our Story

Blossom & Bright: Discover Wellness with Essential Oils, Art, Gifts & More

Blossom & Bright was born out of transformation and inspiration.


In 2019, I faced major challenges that altered my life forever. After suffering a tragic miscarriage caused by a toxic work environment, I took medical leave. The leave gave me the space and time needed to begin processing my grief.


After a few months of healing and soothing isolation, the world entered lockdown, allowing my husband and I to reconnect, heal, and find solace. In the midst of this, I discovered I was pregnant in early April. Through therapy, I navigated the complex emotions of celebrating new life while grieving what could have been. On Thanksgiving 2020, our sweet baby girl arrived, but I also faced a traumatic c-section birth and struggled with post-partum depression worsened by a lack of support and a toxic workplace dynamic.


Determined to find my way out of despair, I embraced therapy, self-care practices, and the beauty in everyday moments. By the end of 2021, the interventions were working, and I felt light and hope flooding into my life.


Then, in early December, I learned I was pregnant with my second baby girl, and I made a conscious effort to protect my well-being throughout the pregnancy.


In addition to my self-care routine, I incorporated daily oil diffusion, inspirational wall art, a supportive therapist, a doula, healthy foods, hydration, safe prenatal workouts, deep-breathing techniques, mindfulness, grounding techniques, and acupuncture. I also prepared a "Post-Partum Gift Basket" for myself, fostering a healthy and happy post-partum period.


My profound transformation inspired me to help others facing similar struggles, leading to the birth of Blossom & Bright.

The name Blossom & Bright holds a deeply personal significance for me. Flowers and their blossoms have always been my source of inspiration, offering solace and beauty even on the darkest days. Witnessing their fresh blooms brought comfort, a reminder of the promise of renewal during challenging times. "Bright" echoes the light I yearned for in my journey, a radiance I aim to share through this venture. Moreover, these words intertwine with the names of my precious daughters, cementing a legacy of growth, resilience, and the ever-present glow of hope.

At Blossom & Bright, blossoms, flowers and plants are woven into every facet of our offerings - from the delicate floral notes of our essential oils to the vibrant blooms gracing our art collections. Brightness and light also radiate through our therapeutic-grade essential oils, our evocative art, and our inspiring prints, each thoughtfully curated to infuse your days and life with a luminous touch. Our mission is to mirror the resilience of petals that bloom even in adversity, bringing that same resilience and radiance to your journey.


At its core, Blossom & Bright encourages self-care, wellness, and joy through therapeutic grade essential oils, art, inspirational prints, and curated self-care, wellness, and comforting gifts. We are thrilled to be your trusted partner on your self-care and wellness journey.


With Love,
Cee Cee
Founder of Blossom & Bright

Upclose, lush, beautiful flowers with cream tones.
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