Welcome to Blossom and Bright!

blossomandbright-button2Hi, I’m Lisa Warren, an Australian-based blogger, passionate about all things home decor and getting creative. Blossom and Bright is your new online destination to satisfy your inner decorator, diy’er and homemaker.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • Home basics | Take your home decor to the next level! During this series, I’ll introduce different items and elements for you to add to your home to help tie your look together.
  • Designer looks for less | Explore budget friendly finds and luxury wants in your price range.
  • Colour cues | Build colour confidence with weekly colour palettes, designed to open your eyes to new possibilities outside the greige and magnolia box.
  • DIY projects and tutorials | Tackle simple diy projects and follow “How to” tutorials to finish those projects around the home, and get a little creative.
  • Blossoming trends | If it’s on trend, you can expect to see it right here on Blossom and Bright.
  • Bright ideas | Find the hottest ideas from around the web, wrapped up each week in one neat little package.
  • Blossoming homes | Real homes designed on real budgets! I’ll also be sharing my own home design adventures as I discover my ever-evolving style.
  • Design your life | Along with home design, we’ll be getting in the kitchen to create tasty recipes, discovering the world outside your front door, and motivating you to the life you want to live.
  • Seasonal | Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, you name it…I’ll have it covered.

…and much more. This is just the beginning…welcome to the diy and design journey that is Blossom and Bright!

Cheers, Lis.


About Lisa Warren

Lisa Warren is an Australian-based blogger, passionate about all things home decor and getting creative. Her mission...to make things pretty and to make pretty things. Blossom and Bright is your online destination for satisfying your inner decorator, diy’er, and homemaker.

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