The Block Glasshouse is coming!

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Just when you think you’d seen the last of The Block for 2014, the nine network have sneakily been filming a new series! Advertisements for the Block Glasshouse started airing this week, and the excitement is building already.  This series, the blockheads are converting a 1980s office in the exclusive Melbourne shopping mecca of Prahran. Picture the task ahead of them…redeveloping a three-storey, 3540-square metre building into five split-level atrium apartments, underground car parks and and 70-square metre lockup storage units. That’s a serious challenge!


Scott Cam returns to The Block Glasshouse with a new bunch of blockheads (l-r): Michael and Carlene (Gold Coast); Jenna and Chris (Sydney); siblings Shannon and Simon (Tasmania); Karstan and Maxine (Newcastle); and married couple Darren and Deanne (Melb).

If you haven’t seen the promos yet, check out this video…

What does it all mean? Will favourite judges Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer, and Shaynna Blaze be returning to The Block? How will the blockheads survive the challenge ahead, and most importantly, what will the apartments look like? Here’s the before photo…I’m so looking forward to seeing the after!


Stay tuned for more details right here on Blossom and Bright, as I blog about all of the reveals and where to purchase the products used on this series of The Block.


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