Colour Cues #06 | Sorbet with a punch!

After a short hiatus, Blossom and Bright is back! Let’s kick things off with a little colour inspiration. I stumbled upon this image recently and it instantly made me feel happy. Don’t you think this colour scheme is a winning combination? They are so unexpected together, yet they really work. I love the pop of pink on the ottoman; it really lifts the space. The green on the walls is so fresh too…it just screams Spring! It’s fresh, welcoming, and oh so feminine.

Colour Cues #06 | Blossom and Bright

Room design by Suellen Gregory

Have you incorporated bright pink into your living space? It’s not just for little girls rooms anymore.


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Lisa Warren is an Australian-based blogger, passionate about all things home decor and getting creative. Her make things pretty and to make pretty things. Blossom and Bright is your online destination for satisfying your inner decorator, diy’er, and homemaker.

2 comments on “Colour Cues #06 | Sorbet with a punch!

  1. I actually have a few hot
    Pink pieces in my mint and white living room! I have been eyeing off these gorgeous hot pink cushions from the brown trading company too!

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