Colour cues #04 | blush and bold

A neutral room needn’t be boring…take this gorgeous guest bedroom created by Krista Salmon. Krista has livened up this space with a warm, analogous colour scheme. The colours are bold, yet work together. Oranges, pinks, and reds sit alongside each other on the colour wheel, making them perfect palette partners. This colour scheme would work beautifully in any feminine bedroom; suiting every stage of life from nursery right through to those teen years, and beyond.
Does your home feature neutral colours throughout? Try embracing warm colours in blush and bold tones to add major impact and personality.

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Lisa Warren is an Australian-based blogger, passionate about all things home decor and getting creative. Her make things pretty and to make pretty things. Blossom and Bright is your online destination for satisfying your inner decorator, diy’er, and homemaker.

1 comment on “Colour cues #04 | blush and bold

  1. I love these colours! Unfortunately, when it comes to the home & bedroom, that colour isn’t a huge tick on Mr. C’s list. DARN IT! We keep to the muted, nuetral tones with a splash of dark, rich red instead.

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