Colour cues #02 | pop of gold

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Radiant orchid may be Pantone’s colour of 2014, however it’s pops of bold yellow and gold, teamed with soft grey neutrals, that appear to be right on trend at the moment. This room is the perfect example of an easy to adapt space. If you change your mind about the yellow, simply take out that one piece and your scheme can look completely different.

Blossom and Bright | Colour Cues #2 | pops of gold

[Image source | BHG]

What are your thoughts on yellow? Has it made it’s way into your home yet?


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4 comments on “Colour cues #02 | pop of gold

  1. I love yellow! It adds a nice brightness to a space or an outfit in my case. 😉 But I’ve recently been falling for…of all colours…MUSTARD! Imagine mustard with navy!

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