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Hi, I’m Lisa Warren, an Australian-based blogger, passionate about all things home decor and getting creative. Blossom and Bright is your new online destination to satisfy your inner decorator, diy’er and homemaker.

Here’s what you’ll discover at Blossom and Bright…

  • Home basics | Take your home decor to the next level! During this series, I’ll introduce different items and elements for you to add to your home to help tie your look together.
  • Designer looks for less | Explore budget friendly finds and luxury wants in your price range.
  • Colour cues | Build colour confidence with weekly colour palettes, designed to open your eyes to new possibilities outside the greige and magnolia box.
  • DIY projects and tutorials | Tackle simple diy projects and follow “How to” tutorials to finish those projects around the home, and get a little creative.
  • Blossoming trends | If it’s on trend, you can expect to see it right here on Blossom and Bright.
  • Bright ideas | Find the hottest ideas from around the web, wrapped up in one neat little package.
  • Blossoming homes | Real homes designed on real budgets! I’ll also be sharing my own home design adventures as I discover my ever-evolving style.
  • Design your life | Along with home design, we’ll be getting in the kitchen to create tasty recipes, discovering the world outside your front door, and motivating you to the life you want to live.
  • Seasonal | Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, you name it…I’ll have it covered.

…and much more. This is just the beginning…welcome to the diy and design journey that is Blossom and Bright!

A bit more about me…

For as long as I can remember, I have been referring to myself as a “frustrated designer”. Even as a young child, I would rearrange my bedroom furniture to create a different look every few months. It is only now at the age of 40 that I’m following my creative destiny. Blossom and Bright has been born out of my passion for all things diy and home design.

Around mid 2013, I stumbled upon the Wollongong Design Studio. As fate would have it, the next course was just about to commence. I enrolled immediately! That first night I knew I was in my element and among kindred spirits. Designers Cris Hofman and Jill Barker encouraged me to pursue my passion and have been my biggest cheerleaders along my journey. I’ve never been so happy painting colour wheels, creating mood boards, and discussing lighting and tiles. I am home.

20 questions…what better way to get to know someone…

  1. Currently studying | Certificate IV in Design at the International School of Colour and Design
  2. Design courses completed | Foundation in Design, Understanding the Industry, and Focus in Design at the Wollongong Design Studio
  3. Personal motto | Make things pretty, and make pretty things
  4. Favourite colour | Any shade of blue
  5. Family | I’m married to my bff Andrew, and we have two great children (Seth and Emeline)
  6. Favourite design magazines | Inside Out, Home Beautiful, Real Living, Living Etc (UK), Ideal Home (UK) and Mollie Makes
  7. Favourite design shows | Real Potential, and Sarah’s House (Sarah Richardson), Pure Living, and Summer House (Samantha Pynn), Selling Houses Australia, The Block, Candice Tells All, etc (Candice Olson), Ask Genevieve (Genevieve Gorder)…and basically any other design show ever produced!
  8. Design style | At home, it’s transitional featuring a mix of modern and vintage, with pops of colour
  9. Favourite flower | Carnations with babies breath…hello retro! Still quite naff, but lovely in their simplicity
  10. Creative time and space | I always hit my stride later in the evening when I really should be thinking about going to sleep! There’s something about a quiet house that let’s you think clearly.
  11. Favourite store | Home Thyme, Crate Expectations, West Elm, and Pottery Barn
  12. Apple v. Android | Apple all the way, though I still use a pc
  13. Canon v. Nikon | I do love my Canon DSLR, though my iPhone gets more of a work out these days! It’s just so convenient and less bulky in my handbag
  14. Dream holiday | A lake house somewhere right on the water (with access to wifi!)
  15. Random fact | I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life!
  16. Favourite book | The Wisdom of Stones by Greg Matthews (not the cricketer)
  17. Secret behaviour | Singing along at the top of my lungs to tragic 80s music when I’m alone in the car
  18. Favourite milkshake flavour | Vanilla malt…no need to mess with the classics
  19. Ringtone | The theme from The Office television series
  20. Previous blog | Life as we know it…

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Feel free to contact me any time.

Cheers, Lis.

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  1. Looking forward to all your new projects Lisa, loving the interior ideas and look forward to seeing everything, I need more colour in my life, so I’ll watch this space! X

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